GMU 2021 Webinar about the Hospital Chaplin Ministryfor the GMU Graduates !!

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

그레이스미션대학교(최규남 총장, GMU) 신학생들의 졸업 후 병원 원목 (채플린)사역준비를 위한 온라인 설명회를 개최한다.

Grace Mission University (President Choi Gyu-nam, GMU) holds an online briefing session to prepare for the hospital log (chaplin) ministry after graduation of seminarians.

In general, a chaplain is in charge of spiritual care of an organization that is not a religious institution, unlike a pastor who works in a religious institution such as a church.

Usually in the United States there are chaplains for the military, prisons, universities, police, fire departments, hospitals and hospice institutions, and also for the Senate and House of Representatives. In particular, ministries in the military, prisons, hospitals, and hospice are usually hired as employees of the organizations and work in the ministry.

Event information

Title: Free Online Lectures for Hospital Logistics (Chaplin) Ministry Preparation

When: Monday, June 21, 2021 at 11am

How to participate: Online GMU Meeting Zoom on the school website

Join :427 - 715 – 7776, Password :2020

Main Content

What is Chaplin?

How to become a Chaplin

Advantages of Chaplin's Ministry

GMU's Chaplin Collaboration and Preparation Course

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Contact: 714-525-0088 (Ext 101)


In particular, Professor James Koo, Director of GMU Administration, who is preparing this free online lecture, said,

“The hospital pastoral program provides seminary students with opportunities to work in various fields along with church ministry after graduation, and this lecture explains the procedure to prepare for direct ministry in hospitals and hospice institutions. In order to prepare for Chaplin, we will explain how to connect and prepare for the GMU degree course, and Joseph Choi Chaplin, who is currently serving as a pastor for lectures, will guide and explain the procedure for preparing for actual ministry.”

Because this lecture is conducted online, anyone can participate, and all seminarians and ministers preparing for future ministry are encouraged to participate.