GMU 2021 Fall Semester Admission Event !!

그레이스미션대학교 입학원서 신청 이벤트- 입학원서 신청하고 64G USB 받자!!

Grace Mission University Admission Event !!

Let's get 64G USB!!

Grace Mission University (GMU, President Kyu-Nam Choi) sends a 64G USB Flash Drive GMU logo on it by mail to 30 future students on a first-come, first-served basis when requesting the package of admission through the fall Admission event.

Freshmen and Transfer students in the fall semester of 2021 will receive the Admission Package and 64G USB. People who are interested in enrolling in GMU are encouraged to apply.

Prof. James Koo, head of the GMU administration, who prepared this event, said, “GMU is currently a full member school of three accrediting institutions, ATS, TRACS, and ABHE, and has eight regular degree programs from undergraduate to doctoral programs, and is accredited by ACSI as a private school teacher. We are looking forward to many applicants of new student apply our excellent seminary school.”

Grace Mission University Application for Admissions Event is for those interested in the school to receive the school application form by mail. 64G USB with the GMU school logo will be sent by mail along with the Application Package free of charge for only 30 students on a first-come, first-served basis.

Online application form for mailing application link

Application and inquiry Inquiries: 714-525-0088 (main school) ext. 101

(admission) Email:

(admission) Website:

GMU is an evangelical seminary, recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. As a full member school of ABHE, TRACS, and ATS, the bachelor's degree programs are the Bachelor of Theology (BA) and the Bachelor of Christian Counseling (BACC).

There are Master of Christian Education (MACE), Master of Missiology (MAICS), Master of Christian Counseling (MACC) and Master of Ministry (M.Div) courses.

There is a Doctor of Missiology (D.Miss) course and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. ICS) course in cross-cultural studies, I-20 visa for international students, and free federal and state tuition assistance.

(Pell, Cal Grant), 100% correspondence education, English, Chinese, Spanish multilingual, and various scholarship benefits. For school and admissions inquiries, please contact 714-525-0088 (Ext 101) at and at Live Chat and Zoom Conference consultations are available.

그레이스미션대학교(Grace Mission University, GMU, 최규남총장) 에서는 2021가을학기 신입생및 편입생들에 대해서학교 입학원서 신청 이벤트을 통해서 입학원서 우편 요청을 신청하면 GMU 로고가 있는 64G USB를 선착순 30명에게 우편으로 발송해 주는 이벤트를 준비하였습니다.

GMU 입학에 관심이 있는 많은 분들의 신청 바랍니다.

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